Yanna Kouremada

Yanna Kouremada


Attorney at law, member of the Athens Bar Association since 1998.


Α. Education

  • University of Athens Law School (LL.B., 1998)
  • University of Athens Law School (LL.M. in Public Law, 1994)


Β. Association and committee membership

Alternate Member of Board of the Athens Mosque Supervisory Committee


C. Areas of Specialisation

Administrative contracts, public works and procurement, state finance, tax law, planning law and environmental law in general, expropriations (public lands, reversal and re-imposition of compensation, public property) public servants law, social security law, universities law and compensation


D. Professional Experience

Extensive experience as a lawyer and legal advisor on aspects of constitutional and administrative law, especially tax law (unlawful taxation, unlawful seizure of assets, extraordinary levies for photovoltaic stations for LAGIE S.A.), expropriation law (public land, reversal and re-imposition of compensation, public property), planning law (liability of the supervisor, planning studies and implementation of town plans, construction terms and conditions).


Languages: Greek, English.

E-mail: y.kouremada@mklpartners.gr